Swachh Bharat Mission Railway School Purna

Swacch Bharat Mission in Railway School Purna(JN)

The  Swacch Bharat Mission is launch on  2 nd October last year i.e 2014, by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. People across the Country and different age group have been inspired by the Philosophy and Objective of the Mission.
To further reinforce and consolidate behavioral changes,an intensive campaign has been launched on 25th Sep and will continue till March 2016 to propel people into action for cleanliness and intensive cleanliness drive will be taken up in 11 thematic areas, which include Agricultural and grain markets,Religious and tourism places,Educational institutions, Resident Welfare Associations,Under Passes and fly covers,Cantonment Boards,Water bodies and recreation places,Hospitals,Old cities and Government Offices.

Railway High School English Medium Purna has Launch a Special Cleanliness Drive on Mahatma Gandhi Birth Anniversary on 2nd October 2014,On this Occasion the Gazt.Head Master and teacher's give the speech to participate the student in the Special Cleanliness Drive for cleanliness of  School, Residential House ,Roads, Office , Bus stand and Railway Station, to setup a new Clean and Better Place for us and for the Family  and described the Vision and mission of the Swachh Bharat Mission.

The Awareness of Swachh Bharat Mission the Student Participating in Cleanliness Drive at Railway Station Purna Junction.
The Awareness of Swachh Bharat Mission the Head Master and Teachers Participating in Cleanliness Drive outside Railway Station of Purna Junction
             The Rally of Student for Cleanliness drive  was conducted all our the city in Punra,

 All the Teacher's and Scout & Guide Student group of Railway High School ,Purna  Participating   in various activity  for the awareness of Swacch Bharat Mission.

General Hoilday List

General Hoilday List of 2015

Sr.No Name of the Festival /Occasion Date
1 BHOGI 14.01.2015
3 REPUBLIC DAY 26.01.2015
4 MAHA SHIVARATRI 17.02.2015
5 HOLI 05.03.2015
6 GOOD FRIDAY 03.04.2015
9 BAKRID 02.10.2015
10 GANDHI JAYANTHI 02.10.2015
11 DURGASTAMI 21.10.2015
12 VIJAYA DASAMI/DUSSEHRA                                            22.10.2015
13 MUHARRAM 23.10.2015
14 DEEPAVALI 11.11.2015
16 CHRISTMAS 25.12.2015

School Management Committee

The School Management Committee






The Song Delicated to Shaikh Anwar Ahmed Sir

Respected Sir,    
Everyday in Some Way,
We Miss you are then word can say,
In our Heart you will alway stay,
Loved and remebered Every day
                                       The Song Delicated to Shaikh Anwar Ahmed Sir 


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The Great Indian Scientists Dr Jayant Narlikar

 Dr . Jayant Narlikar Indian Scientists

The Great Indian Astrophysicist, Dr Jayant Narlikar was born on July 19 ,1938, in a highly educated and cultured family in Kolhapur District of Maharashtra India. His Father Prof Vishnu Vasudev Narlikar was the Head of the Department of Mathematics at Benaras Hindu University.Thereafter he was chairman of the Rajasthan Public Service Commission. Jayant Narlikar had his Education in Varanasi.His mother was a graduate in Sanskrit from Mumbai Bombay University.Besides,she Loved English literature.She was graceful,cultured and educated lady.

Young Narlikar was exceptionally talented and always topped at school and college examinations.Mathematics was his favourite subject.Besides,he enjoyed reading .In 1959 ,he cleared BSc Honours form Benaras Hindu University.He stood first in the University.His subjects were Mathematics and astrophysics.For further Studies his father wanted to send him aboard.Before leaving India,he was informed by those who had already been to England,not to be complacent. Life would be tough but having worked hard,he came out with flying colours.The advise he received form his father and particularly,his maternal uncle Dr Vasantrao Hujaurbazar really stood him in good stead.

Beside his parents,Fred Hoyle,his teacher and mentor had a great influence on him.Besides,his extraordinary resuly at the graduate level  also fetched him a Scholarship.He was sent to England,where he Joined Cambridge University.Here he obtained MSc degree in just two years, Incidentally ,at the time a world famous teacher of astrophysics was in Cambridge.He was Frederick Holye,Better known as Frede  Hoyle ,Holye was professor at King's College Cambridge and conducting research on the speed and condition of celestial bodies.Narlikar Registered for Ph.D under Hoyle and began 1963,Jayant Narlikar was awarded Ph.D by Cambridge University.He Stayed in Cambridge form 1957 to 1962.

During his 15 years stay abroad Dr.Narlikar made many important researches.At the age of 22 yearshe become member of the Royal Astronautical Society.He was also appointed Fellow at King's College ,Cambridege.His father too,was member of this Institute.His Ph.D thesis included research on principle of gravitation,gravitational pull between celestial bodies,formation of the universe is not expanding but static.
He had described it as 'Steady State'.This Theory Shed new Light on the subject.With Fred Hoyle,He Presented the Famous Con formal Theory of Gravity,Which became well-Known all over the world. Narlikar and Holye worked on cosmology,including the steady state theory,theory of gravitation,electrodynamics,etc. he suggested that the gravitational pull on celestial bodies depends on its density.

His researches on gravitaion of space object are considered noteworthy.He received awards and medals form may institutes in Europe.In  1969 ,the union Education Ministry invited Dr.Narlikar and Holye to visit india and deliver lectures.

In 1968,Cambridge University honoured him by Presenting him the Adam Award.Earlier Three Indian Scientist Had received this Prestigious award: In 1944,  Dr.Homi Bhabha ;in 1948, Dr S Chandrashekhar  1961 ,Dr. Hujurbazar. This award is given every two years in the memory of Dr J C Adam, for path breaking reseach in the fields of mathmatics, astrophysics and natural science.Adam was an outstanding astronomer,who had predicted the existence of plant Neptune in 1846.

Narlikar Married Mangala Sadashiv Rajwade in 1966. In 1969 ,when he returned to india ,he was conferred the Padma Bhushan by the Government of India . Mumbai's Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Invited him to join as professor of Astrophysics .Narlikar too had decided to offer his services to the Country.In 1972 he Joined TIFR as Professor. Beside research and teaching ,he guided doctoral students.Here he continued research on tachyons. Tachyons are particles that move faster than the speed of light.According to Dr.Narlikar  Black Holes are bases of tachyons. They absorb light coming form outside and with tremendous pressure contracts the surface of the Black Hole.

After coming here Narlikar developed one moreactivity.To popularize science and especially astronomy among the people he wrote a book AKASHASHI JADLE NATE(Related of the Sky) in mother tongue Marathi, Besides he also wrote science stories. His books have also been translated into Hindi and Gujarati.He is an accomplished science fiction writer.

In September 1988, the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi encouraged him to start as Astronomy and Nuclear Physics inter University Centre.Through the University Grants Commission and Central aid Such a Centre has been made possible.Narlikar was its first Director and worked as Homi Bhabha Professor.In 1988,he attended an international conference on astronomy at Baltimore in America.

On January 10 1989,the National Science Academy Honoured Narlikar with the Venu Bappu Memorial Award for 1988.This award includes Rs.25,000 in Cash and a medal .In 1990 he was awarded the Indian Science Academy's Indira Gandhi Award and in 1996 ,UNESCO's "Kalinga Award ,Recently on March 12,2003,the 'Yeshwantrao Chavan Rashtriya Puraskar-2002 was Presented to Narliker.

World Environment Day 5th June 1998 Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation on World Environment Day  5 th June 1998
Tree Plantation 
Participating Mundey Sir,Lailabi Madam,Ramdas sir with Student 

Principle's Message

Welcome to Teachers ,Students and parents to our School Website.
I need your Co-operation to make the school a Model one, I invite your valuable Suggestion for bringing moral development  of the Student.
Learning is an unquenchable thirst of knowledge in pursuit of Excellence.Schooling is much more than a mere instruction and rigid textual confinement and it should facilitate to make the student self-reliant in this contemporary world.
The teaching faculty is left with a task of kindling the spirit of  universal brother wood which would lead towards world peace and global amity.
This Website of our School is an inspiring symbol of this innate creative abilities and writing skills of students in various fields and subjects.with utmost pleasure,I present this collection to the beloved readership which comprises just blossomed pretty little flowers in varieties symbolizing the zest and zeal of future citizens. I hope you enjoy and bless this budding talent.